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About Us

LKA is a minority woman and veteran owned, equity licensed tier 2 manufacturer. We are owned and operated by two loving couples, husband and wife Hope + Justin, and our good friends Adam and Maria. We are proud to be Mexican, mixed indigenous, and Veteran owned. As an indigenous owned business, we prioritize the earth, eco-friendly practices and natural additive & chemical-free plant medicine.

Our proprietary solventless process produces high quality artisan bubble hash and rosin concentrates with maximum terpene retention, minimal undesirables like fats and waxes, and no additives. Our process waste is completely compostable and we use only natural elements of ice, water, and heat to create our extracts. We are offering product collaborations to growers of all sizes, tolling, and manufacturing our own line of solventless hash & hash rosin concentrate products.

Owned and operated for and by Vermonters. 

Our Story

Justin and Hope met as young artists passionate about cannabis, music, and plant medicine for healing and human consciousness. Justin a glassblower, and Hope a painter. Both Hope and Justin have used high potency cannabis extracts for chronic pain, anxiety, and depression. Justin has chronic diseases that cause him chronic pain,  so he began pursuing cannabis extraction to treat naturally after big pharma could not help him.  Hope also began studying herbalism and yoga as natural healing modalities, both for ourselves but to share with our communities as well that greatly need holistic natural medicine again.


 Adam and his partner Maria have long been into growing and providing cannabis medicines. As a veteran Adam has found that solventless concentrates have been the most effective with his pain, healing and well-being. We believe that everyone should have access to high potency and quality natural plant and cannabis medicine, especially marginalized folks, veterans, and medical patients. This is why we are committed to donating a portion of our products to medical patients regularly.

We met Adam and his partner, who owned a grassroots CBD business in 2018 and the rest was fate. We all knew solventless cannabis extracts were something special and we had to share that with our community. 

We've spent the past four years serving Vermont as a licensed solventless hemp extractor as GMH, Vermont's first solventless hashery, and are so excited to finally offer our next-level effective and natural THC concentrates to Vermont. Justin has offered his solventless consulting for years now spanning multiple countries, and we guarantee quality and expertise.


 Justin, Adam, Hope, and Maria have applied their years of knowledge to create a scale manufactory process for bubble hash and hash rosin, while maintaining high quality artisanal extracts. Hope and her years of experience as an artist and teacher is our SHE-e- o, and creative director. Hope aims to educate folks about cannabis, its history, and medicinal value through artwork and social media. Follow us on Instagram to learn more!

Farm Partners

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