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Always Solventless: Sourcing Local, Organic practice, and Living Soil Plants

DB PICC Hash batter.jpeg
DB PICC Hash batter.jpeg

Bubble Hash

solventless hash, also known as bubble hash or ice wax, is crated using a sieving process without any chemicals or additives. ice water hash is made using ice and water to stiffen the trichomes that are predominantly oil (think coconut oil in the fridge) which allows the trichomes to fall off for collection more easily.  the trichomes are collected in micron bags and rinsed with water to sieve or separate the trichomes by micron size, removing plant material through the filtration. Hash can also be made using dry sift techniques which are hundreds of years old using a similar sieving technique, with dry material and different micron screens to separate out the trichomes from the plant material. bubble hash is a legacy nickname given to hash that melts and bubbles as you smoke it, referring to high quality oily/melty hash. Hash is best smoked out of a hash pipe, also called a 3 hole pipe, or a chillum with some flower for kindling, or can be added to a joint.

DB PICC Hash batter.jpeg

hash rosin vape carts

our vape carts are made with our same high quality rosin that goes into our jarred products. We have a slow and low decarb process that does not give a cooked taste and has high terpene retention- as you can tell by our terpene tests. Vermont has a plastic ban on cannabis products, so we can not offer disposable products. We support removing plastic from disposable items and hope the nicotine industry is held to these same standards one day.

our carts are made with lead free all ceramic hardware, and we suggest an ooze battery stick as our favorite battery. any battery will work as long as it has adjustable temp/voltage as we suggest vaping these on low temp to start for terpene retention and flavor. we do not recommend the batteries with chambers such as the discrete ones where the cart goes inside the box as the flavor won't be as good.


Hash Infused Pre-rolls

Want to smoke hash without the hassle? we got you with our hash prerolls. These are a great and easy way to try hash for folks new to it as well.We use premium bubble hash and buds in our hash prerolls for an elevated joint experience. Our jarred bubble hash is mixed in smoothly for an even blend that burns smoothly without clumps or grease fires. These are done in limited craft batches with unique hash and flower combinations. 

OG Blue Muffin Live Rosin.jpeg
OG Blue Muffin Live Rosin.jpeg

Hash Rosin

Rosin is made from hash using heat and pressure. A press machine is used to both warm and squeeze the trichome heads collected in the hash.  Hash is placed in a micron bag, then pressed on a machine, and the oil drips down and out as a result of the heat and pressure. the trichome head cell walls bare burst open. The bag acts as further filtration, and as a result the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes is higher in rosin than in hash. Rosin can be decarbed for consumption in anyway including cooking in edibles, into tincture, or most commonly, heated on an inhalation apparatus such as a glass piece and banger head or an electric device such as a puffco. we always recommend trying your dabbing at different temperatures and starting at the lowest around 400 degrees to see where the flavor is best.

preserve your terps!

Hash Rosin Gummies

Our Rosin Gummies are made from our food grade solventless hash rosin. As an edible, rosin is full spectrum which means no cannabinoids or terpenes were removed in the extraction process, all medicinal parts of the plant are preserved. This is due to the way solventless extraction removes the trichomes as they are and doesn't isolate any particular cannabinoid. As a result, the experience is described by some as more "full bodied", and "balanced". 

Our gummies are made locally, with natural freeze dried fruit pulp and have only four ingredients: fruit, sugar, gelatin, and hash rosin. We wanted a more natural and low glycemic option for people, and our flavors are inspired by hope's mexican heritage and the delicious fresh fruit from central and south america.  


Hash Rosin Tincture

Our tincture is made from our food grade hash rosin, in organic mct coconut oil, infused with a slow heat decarboxylation for optimal terpene retention and activation. We chose organic mct because it is low glycemic, flavorless, and boosts digestion and metabolism. It is also moisturizing to the skin, antibacterial, and anti fungal. Our tinctures can be applied safely anywhere inside and out as it is only organic plants infused in organic oil. We love how versatile the tincture is whether you want to add it to your cooking, put it in a morning coffee, or rub it on your achy neck.

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